On Thursday 30 September 2004 04:22 am, Lee Elliott wrote:

> The problem with my joystick seems to be related to the recent
> plib updates and it isn't being identified properly within FG.
> jstest & jscal identify it ok but neither FG or js_demo see it
> properly.  This was something that a few people wrote about
> recently but I'd like to confirm that other people are still
> having the same problem on Linux with the latest cvs versions of
> plib, SimGear and FlightGear.

I also had this problem. My joystick was identifies as "" by Flightgear and 
js_demo. I found out that plib was using jsLinuxOld.cxx instead of 
jsLinux.cxx. To solve this I defined JS_NEW in js.h like this:

#define JS_NEW 1

just below JS_TRUE and JS_FALSE. And rebuilt plib.

A proper solution I guess would be to figure out why JS_NEW isn't defined by 
the configure script. I grep'ed the entire plib dir, but IIRC JS_NEW was only 
found in jsLinux.cxx and jsLinuxOld.cxx.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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