Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers wrote:
On Thu, Sep 30, 2004 at 02:54:21PM +0200, Boris Koenig wrote:

Ready to be abused by any program that can open the socket. Connect a TELNET
and off you go.

sounds good :-)

Windows-specific code: only the part that moves the mouse
off the screen and the computer shutdown stuff. Easy to remove/bypass. I am considering to open the source now, as I am satisfied with it.

So, this is also a Tcl/Tk app ?

Harald has even created some preview screenshots of his FMC project:


lol, did I say anything like that ? :-)

I don't think so ;-)

IT IS A MCDU! Read the page for the difference!

Thanks - indeed, I think, I know about the difference :-)

It's rather that the project I mentioned is about the (logical)
implementation of a FMC, as well as a CDU for the interfacing part.

But talking of correcting eachother or rather "differences":

Why do you call a Boeing 744 CDU a "MCDU" - which is actually
the name for a Airbus specific implementation of a CDU, even
with a different layout/keypad ? :-)

Do you think that parts of your MCDU project could be interfaced to
FlightGear, too ? Or maybe only used for the implementation that
Harald is currently working on ?

:-) It *is* ready, as it is the MCDU, and it's finished.

I've had a quick look into Are there already any pre-made designs (logical implementations) ?

I strongly believe that a FMC is a FMC and a MCDU is a MCDU, and should be implemented

Okay, I see - so you are basically feeding data from PS1 into your (M)CDU for the backend (FMC/FMS) logics ?


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