I've been wondering about easyXML, if it can be modified to support validation against a DTD? Since it is built on top of eXpat - and I believe eXpat _can_ be compiled to provide validation - is this just a matter of proper compilation of the eXpat library?

I ask because it is becoming clear to me that, as I compose the new parsing logic for JSBSim config files - as well as the new config file format itself - I may need to provide error checking / validation functions as the data is read in. There are just too many opportunities to mess up the config file. Ideally, this kind of thing would be done by a config file editor, but since there is no config file editor on the horizon, validation of a config file against a DTD becomes quite attractive. IMHO, it simplifies parsing logic in the end application (in this case, JSBSim).

Now, this raises another question: do general purpose (or configurable) XML application editors (open source or free, preferred) exist that could be used to author a JSBSim config file?


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