Jon S Berndt wrote:
I've been wondering about easyXML, if it can be modified to support validation against a DTD?

it probably can - if I remember correctly there are even some suggestions for DTD's or rather SCHEMA's for FG around ??

Since it is built on top of eXpat - and I believe eXpat _can_ be compiled to provide validation - is this just a matter of proper compilation of the eXpat library?

I think the toplevel wrapper in easyxml is currently simply not told to really care for any defined/existing DTD/SCHEMA ?

I ask because it is becoming clear to me that, as I compose the new parsing logic for JSBSim config files - as well as the new config file format itself - I may need to provide error checking / validation functions as the data is read in. There are just too many opportunities to mess up the config file.

A couple of days ago I talked exactly about something similar to another FlightGear user: FlightGear happily starts up even if there are XML errors in any of its files - this is not really a problem for files that can be re-loaded, but particularly files like menubar.xml can turn out to be a problem as soon as they contain non-valid XML, simply because the actual 'validation' or rather error-checking is done AFTER the GUI has started up - and not as part of the initialization - so, you may very well see FlightGear starting all its subsystems and then learn that there's some bug in a config file such as menubar.xml - which would ultimately mean that the menu is non-usable. :-/

It might make sense to think about optionally providing a
parameter to fgfs (for developers ?) to pre-parse/validate
the XML-based config files, so that fgfs would complain as
soon as it encounters anything invalid.

Ideally, this kind of thing would be done by a config file editor, but since there is no config file editor on the horizon, validation of a config file against a DTD becomes quite attractive.

*IF* you have a DTD/schema for your XML dialect it is no problem to use any of the more advanced XML-editors and have it compare your XML against the corresponding DTD/schema - so, there's no need to really add it natively into FG or rather the parser if you only want to have validation while you're editing a XML file.

IMHO, it simplifies parsing logic in the end application (in this case, JSBSim).

it would probably make things easier, but as in most cases it would firstly require a valid DTD/schema to be available for your purpose - but then you should be able to use a validating EDITOR.

Now, this raises another question: do general purpose (or configurable) XML application editors (open source or free, preferred) exist that could be used to author a JSBSim config file?

I would have to look for open source/free linux tools, but I did use such validating editors under windows - everything was presented in some kind of treeview and it would complain if you use anything that isn't explicitly mentioned in the DTD/schema.

---------- Boris

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