Any known issues with the current binary distribution for Win32? It all went
smooth, the image appeared, the sounds started, but after one second
everything disappeared without leaving any clue. I ran the same sequence
with the log level increased, but even there no real clue why the program
would crash. And I can only read it because Windows takes 30 seconds to make
a core dump. Just something about "object problem in core" or "unknown
exception in the main loop"... Also not always the same message before the
program bails out, but several, and it seems random which one is the killer.

The start interface remains live, but the sim core dumps out.

Stock Win2000/UK system, ATI Rage 128 Pro/32Mb, OpenGL confirmed available
(I saw the image, too).


PS. I ask it here because I know a few guys already -- scold me if I s/could
have asked somewhere else for the same effect...

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