David Megginson wrote:
I last built FlightGear successfully on 15 August (I hadn't realized
it had been so long).  I had to make one small change to get to to
build today, which I've put in CVS, but now I'm having a problem with
OpenGL initialization.  My old binary (also built with SDL) still runs
fine; the new one fails with the message

FATAL: ssgInit called without a valid OpenGL context.

Where exactly does the context get initialized in main.cxx and or

Neither of the two. It is handled by the fg_os* files (in src/Main) now.

> I'm not familiar with the new code arrangement (it does
look like an improvement), and would appreciate some pointers before I
start hunting.  I think that glutinit() used to set up OpenGL before
we switched to SDL.

fgOSInit() should do that now. The reason I had this error previously was because the renderer expects at least a 24-bit frame buffer. But that was SDL specific. Could it be you have one GLUT and one SDL binary now?


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