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> > > ..meanwhile, is there a "go-away" flag that can be set to prevent
> > > us mortals and not from cvs co'ing known bad code trees?
> >
> > No because this repository is located at Sourceforge and there is no
> > way to shutdown the repository during this maintenance operation.
> >
> > -Fred
> I'll try and get this fixed today. In teh meantime, checkout JSBSim
> CVS only based on data, from say, last Saturday night. That should be
> fine.

..ok.  I'm asking because I'm pondering an automatic build script that
I'd like to abort in situations like this, when cvs co, building etc is

..but the idea can be inverted:  Maybe a cvs signature file to flag off
stuff you're happy with?  So I just set my script to check for that new
flag file, and on its absense, "just do cvs co to last Saturday night"?

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