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A few details...

Volunteers will get a package of software that contains the TNL libraries and a basic set of software to connect to the ATC net as a controller or pilot. Package will include ALL source code and make
files for a Linux system. Sorry, I'm just not an MS type. However, it
will build under Cygwin.

..GPL? Url?

John isn't yet 'releasing' anything, rather he asks for people who would be willing to participate in some "field tests".

John: I haven't yet had the time to get back to your other eMails, but concerning what you mentioned above, I would suggest to have me look into your makefiles or sources where necessary, so that we can adapt them accordingly - if I am not wrong, you shouldn't have made much use of anything unix/linux-specific so far, so at this stage of the process, it's certainly pretty straight-forward to make the configure/makefile scripts support windows/mac, too.

Particularly because of opentnl's cross-platform nature.

--------- Boris

P.S.: I don't think it's necessary for me to mention that I would be
glad 'to volunteer' :-)

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