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> I'd be happy to help test it.
Okay, let's tentatively plan for this weekend, it should be a fairly quick
test. A master node will be available from 0900GMT to 1200GMT on 9 OCT 2004

To run the master node requires a static IP and a broadband (DSL or higher)
connection. If anyone would like to run as a master node we'll need info as
to the IP address and a time slot when the master will be active. ATM there
is no capability to share/exchange data between master server nodes.

Again, I want to emphasize, this is a very rudimentary test using the TNL
libraries and protocols.  One of the objectives is to just see if it will
work over long-haul networks.

Realize some prefer not to reveal their private email address, so it
probably makes sense to just upload the files to the SF site Boris
established. Best guess, is check the site Wednesday and that will allow a
few days to build and play with it. You can run an internal test using on a single machine or on a LAN.


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