DevC++ has some problems; last time I tried, you couldn't build FGFS on
it because of the number of files in the final link; (it can't process
the command line - too long).

Giles Robertson

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James Turner wrote:
> On 4 Oct 2004, at 19:17, John Wojnaroski wrote:
>> A few details...
>> Volunteers will get a package of software that contains the TNL 
>> libraries and a basic set of software to connect to the ATC net as a 
>> controller or pilot. Package will include ALL source code and make 
>> files for a Linux system.  Sorry, I'm just not an MS type. However,
>> will build under Cygwin.
> I'm happy to test, and probably even get the code building on OS-X, 
> since it should be very close to working already.

That would be really nice, actually I offered yesterday to make it
compile under Win32 - but I didn't have MSVC in mind, but rather
I was thinking of using MingW32 (Dev C++) - I am not sure how
many people are actually using it here, so if there's anybody
here who could assist making it compile natively under MS VC it
would be appreciated.

John told me yesterday he would be about to downstrip the package,
so all volunteers who can help make it compile on a different platform
should inform him, so that the makefiles/sources can be modified


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