I have a PII 450 MHz running Win 98 and using an Nvidia GeForce Ti4200 and 512 Mb of RAM with a 128/256 Graphics aperture.
Using the latest NVidia control set I can set the monitor timing to GTF, and using a 72Hz refresh rate with the FG model running at 60Hz and the frame rate throttled (!) to 24Hz I am getting 4- 6 fps on taxiing and 12-14 fps in the air (using the Yasim Hunter and the 3d panel). 
This is acceptable though not brilliant.
However, more than the slightest course correction from my MS Sidewinder (v 2.0, USB) causes a serious drop in frame rate.  The sim doesn't stop, becuase i suddenly find I am using eg 30deg more bank than i thought i put on.  It seems like the screen freezes, but the plane carries on!
I haven't tried landing anything yet!
On the other hand if I change to an exterior view and circle the a/c the frame rate drops only slightly - 1-2 fps.  So this doesn't seeme to be a basic frame rate problem? 
Having said that, from time to time the frame rate does drop and there is some disc activity - but not consistently with use of the joystick.
So, to me this seems to be a joystick handling / USB? problem?  I have rewritten joysticks.xml to point straight to the MS stick in ref<0>.
I didn't get this problem in Linux, though there I have both processors on my MB running, and possibly better USB drivers than W98, though I think I've downloaded the latest support.
Any ideas?
Tks, R
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