I just committed a set of changes to move the hi res screen capture feature back towards a useable state. The hires screenshot snapper now uses the same render code as the normal res screen shot snapper which uses the same render code as the main program. That should reduce code maintenance work and code rot in the future.

There are currently 2 issues that remain.

The first (which I'm scratching my head over) is this. Shots taken from inside a 3d cockpit don't show any external scenery. However, shots taken from outside (chase/tower) seem to work perfectly.

If you select hi-res screen shot from the menu, that means the menu is active, and it is drawn on every tile (so if you are doing a 3x3 scheme, you would get 9 instances on the menu.) This is probably easier to figure out than my first problem, but for now you can turn off the menu, then telnet in and run the screen dump command remotely to work around this problem.



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