Sorry about that. I had a quick look into the cvs commit logs at the time you 
asked. It turned out to be too quick ...

On Dienstag 05 Oktober 2004 16:48, Jon Berndt wrote:
> Well, I've just about had it with cvs branches. I tagged some files in a
> branch, then moved to a test directory and checked out that branch, but
> only got the branch-tagged files. I needed all of the files, except I
> wanted the updated files on the specified branch.
Tag the whole tree.

> One thing that makes this difficult is that it seems as though cvs at
> sourceforge has a lag. What I check in is not what I can check until a few
> hours later.
Use your usual cvs tools for getting information about the tree. This one uses 
the developer cvs server.

> I am trying to develop the new XML capability in JSBSim. There are some new
> files that I have checked in that are new and do not need to be on a new
> branch. But, there are some that are currently used and I do not want to
> commit these to the HEAD branch until the whole set of changes is done.
> However, CVS using branches is giving me a big headache - it seems to work
> differently than I expect it to. I'm not sure what to do. Suggestions
> welcome.
Go back to that date you have started your work. Check out that version. You 
can do that with
 cvs co -D 'My start date of work' JSBSim
Check that version into HEAD.

Then create a new branch with for the *whole* tree.
Check that out into a *seperate* directory. Do here your branch work.

Use an other directory for doing non branch work.

There is also useful information about cvs available at:



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