John Wojnaroski wrote:
Suggest we take the positive road and make it work. From my perspective it
looks d--- good and since it is open-source as well perhaps the TNL folks
would be willing to work with us.

Yes, I suggested already to drop them a few lines and ask them for their feedback, maybe there's even some information about what exactly needs to be done to make it compile on other platforms, too.

But when it comes to cross-platform
issues, I'll defer to the experts.

I've sent a short note to 'our volunteer experts', so that they can check out what's possible and what isn't.

There was an attempt to make FG
multi-player, but that seems to have receded. I think the TNL library has a
better foundation and capabilities...

This WAS my impression, too -otherwise FG runs definitely on MORE platforms than the TNL, so that would currently be a pretty limiting factor, I simply didn't look really into it, because the TNL support exactly those platforms that I use mainly ...

---------- Boris

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