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If you select hi-res screen shot from the menu, that means the menu is active, and it is drawn on every tile (so if you are doing a 3x3 scheme, you would get 9 instances on the menu.) This is probably easier to figure out than my first problem, but for now you can turn off the menu, then telnet in and run the screen dump command remotely to work around this problem.

I think you just have to hide the menu when first entering the hires-screen
function. IIRC this is what was done prior to XML'izing the menu ops

An alternative approach: render the menu onto a different layer,
and simply exclude that layer within the routines that create the
screenshots, that way one could use kind of a "GUI" layer for
things like a menubar, which shouldn't be displayed within screenshots.

What are layers and how are they implemented in OpenGL ?

Maybe there's a FG plugin for photoshop I hadn't heard of before?

It should be a Gimp plugin ;-)


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