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You are missing the point. The GPL (and the Free Software Foundation) is all about the spirit to go and fix things that are broken to your opinion and not about saying "it's their problem, let them fix it."

After all it was only a comment from which you could have learned something (about Free Software for instance).

I think the spirit of free software is to create the best application we can, help each other out as much as possible, collectively learn a few thing, benefit from each other's experience, etc. etc.

However, we are all volunteers working with (sometimes very) limited spare time. We each have our own priorities and we don't have to answer to a boss who set's our priorities and we aren't selling the product so we don't have to answer to customers demanding specific features.

The point Eric is trying to make is that if a end user or Jr. Developer would like help with a feature that doesn't fit within other developer's priorities or available time, then they are often on their own. They have access to all the same tools and code and resources as the core development team has.

If someone wants to fund me full time to do FlightGear development and project management, I'm certain I could be orders of magnitude more responsive.



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