Melchior FRANZ wrote:
* Erik Hofman -- Friday 08 October 2004 18:33:

I've tried using display lists again (which didn't work in the past) and on my O2 I get a great improvement (up to 30%, but that only means from 6 fps to 9 fps in my case), but on my Linux machine I get a floating point exception.

Could anyone test it on their Linux machine?

Works here on Linux (2.6.7/x86) with an nVidia card (driver v6111).
No segfault. Very noticeable performance improvement (fps 18.5 -> 23)!

Hmmm. It must be something local then.

There's only one bug(?): the 3D adf instrument (pa26-161's, bo105)
doesn't show the scale any more. Didn't look into that, yet.

I don't think it should affect the instruments, but only the terrain?


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