Mathias FrÃhlich wrote:

On Freitag 08 Oktober 2004 19:54, Norman Vine wrote:

This patch won't be acceptable to the PLIB team unless
we can fix this.

Hmm, from my local machine, I would say that these are different things mixed together.

If I understand right Eriks DList change works on the scenery, not on the imported ac3d models. Correct?
This one line change does not work for my radeon on the notebook and gives everything from funny colours to coredumps on my r200 chip in the desktop machine.

That plib patch changes the function loading the ac3d models.
I have also done a quick check what happens if I make display lists for the ac3d models in the plib loader code. This works well for me.

From that, I would tell the plib patch is ok.

Any different experience?

well, it works for me :-)

SuSE Linux 9.1, NVidia GF2 MX 64MB, Driver 6111.
Framerate improvement is about 30-40%. *Thanks!*

So far I couldn't take off because my joystick stopped working. I'm just
recompiling plib with "#define JS_NEW 1" in js.h.


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