On Tuesday, 19 October 2004 17:57, Chris Metzler wrote:
> I'm wondering whether we know what the X-Plane format really *is*.
> Since the beginning of September, Robin Peel has been saying that a
> new set of files are coming out "next weekend, September 18."  But he
> ...

If we start doing some major enhancements to taxiways we are going to have to 
store them in another file and format anyway.

> On a related note, since the X-Plane files are apparently going to support
> this soon, is there any possibility of being able to "label" taxiways with
> identifiers (e.g. "taxiway A")?

That is a good feature that I'll keep in mind when I'm playing around with 
some ideas I have.

> Finally, I'm wondering how you're going to handle conflicts between future
> X-Plane data releases, and changes that people have sent to you.  For

I suggest that changes made override the "official" data until someone has a 
chance to review the problem airport. We can't have people spending hours 
building nice taxiways and then having the runways dancing around the place 
every time there is an update.
I know I would be a little upset if I've spent 100 hours building taxiways and 
10% of them no longer line up with the runways 6 months down the line.


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