The Fall issue of the JSBSim newsletter, "Back of the Envelope" is online at the 
web site, Click on the newsletter link in the sidebar at left, or 
one of the newsletters at the top of the main page.

The Fall 2004 issue features contributions by Mathias Fröhlich, Bill Galbraith, and Roy
Vegard Ovesen, as well as myself, with articles:

- JSBSim Presented at the 2004 AIAA Modeling and Simulation Conference
- The PID Controller
- JSBSim Reference Frames

I hope you enjoy the newsletter, a mix of lightweight reading and overviews on various
technologies and items related to the use of JSBSim, a flight dynamics model that is 
by FlightGear.

As always, suggestions for future article topics, contributions of writing, 
etc. are welcome.

Jon Berndt
Project Coordinator
JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model

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