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> Chris Metzler wrote:
> > [...] 
> > The "Urban Areas"/"T=4" dataset is fabulous, btw -- it goes down to
> > 25cm resolution (TaxiDraw fetches 1 meter resolution images, it
> > appears). I'd recommend just changing fetch.cpp to "T=4", and getting
> > the highest resolution images available; but not all areas are covered
> > by the better dataset.  That's why I'm recommending tests -- try to
> > fetch from the higher resolution dataset, and drop down to the
> > lower-res one if the first fetch fails.
> LOL, sounds as if Chris has hacked terraserver.com to provide him with
> their payware imagery for free ;-)

Oh man, I don't know if I explained this well enough.

The stuff on terraserver-usa.com (as opposed to terraserver.com -- same
company, different website), including the images I fetched, are
all free through the web interface.  Try it out with the browser of your
choice; you'll see it all just by clicking on links.  Before,
terraserer-usa only had one dataset of free aerial images.  Now they
have a second, which improves coverage in U.S. urban areas.

> Did you also try numbers greater than 4 ? :-)
> And I don't even mention what their logs are going to look like if
> Chris adds your "brute force" method of trying to look for available
> images :-)

Heh.  But again, I wasn't fishing for available images by tweaking the
URL Dave uses in TaxiDraw.  These images are available normally,
through normal use.  There was no detective work on my part in finding
the images, because they provide them to you with nice informative links.
The only thing I did was figure out how to get fetch.cpp to draw from
the new dataset instead of the old one-- something that would have been
trivial for anyone who knows c++ (but I don't).


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