Oops, I forgot to add the patch for options.xml

---------- Boris

--- options.xml.orig    Fri Oct 22 10:01:51 2004
+++ ../options.xml      Fri Oct 22 08:50:27 2004
@@ -420,6 +420,42 @@
+   <!--in order to allow users to specify a minimum development status for aircraft,
+   this option requires the aircraft *-set.xml files to contain one additional tag
+   within the <sim> tag:
+   <maturity></maturity>
+   it should hold any of the following status strings: (may be subject to change)
+       pre-alpha       - for all pre-alpha version aircraft
+       alpha           - for all alpha version aircraft
+       pre-beta        - for all pre-beta version aircraft
+       beta            - for all beta version aircraft
+       done            - for all aircraft that are (relatively) 'done'
+       ('all' is also supported, but simply bypasses the new stuff)
+    Aircraft definition files that don't contain a corresponding maturity tag will
+    still be dealt normally with, however they are not going to show up if the user
+    provides a minimally required maturity level, the same applies for mis-spelt or 
+    unsupported maturity levels.
+    The revamped  fgSearchAircraft() function in $FG_SRC/Main/options.cxx will now by 
+    look for a value within the property tree (/sim/aircraft-min-maturity) - this 
node will hold
+    the value that's provided via --min-maturity=level, in order to be able to rely 
on a standard
+    value for this node, it will by default be set to "all", so that 
fgSearchAircraft() can still 
+    easily deal with conventional aircraft definition files that do not contain the 
new tag.
+    -->
+    <name>min-maturity</name>
+    <arg>{pre-alpha,alpha,pre-beta,beta,done}</arg>
+    <description>strings/min-aircraft-maturity</description>
+    <brief/>
+   </option>
+   <option>
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