On Saturday, 23 October 2004 00:26, Martin Spott wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a (ZIP-)file floating around on a disk that I must have found
> somwhere on "the net" (the file, not the disk  ;-)  in the past and I
> don't know what's inside. After extracting there are two directories,
> 'scenery/' and 'texture/'. Does anyone have the software to read these
> files and convert them into something that is accessible with common
> tools on Unix/Linux ?

The software viewer is called Micro$oft Flight Simulator.   ;-)
The scenery was created with Airport 2.10 and the texture file (r8) is one of 
the old MSFS formats.
This places it in the MSFS95 or MSFS98 era.

The r8 file is not very difficult to extract - it's just an 8-bit bitmap 
without a pallet. Been there - done that.

The bgl file is another story - it's a compiled scenery langauge and your best 
bet is to use a scenery decompiler which runs on Windows and you'll find such 
things at the popular flight sim sites like avsim, flightsim or simviation.
You'll still have no way of "viewing" it without a simulator though.


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