I'm not big on XML (done HTML before) but this:


doesn't seem right. I would expect something more like:

<modeltag maturity="alpha"> ....  </modeltag>

Where "modeltag" would encompase the whole model definition. Again,
I'm not really familiar with just how bloated XML is supposed to be
but if this is how you define a property of something it seems more
wasteful than I ever thought. An even more complex thing would be to

  .... bunch of stuff...
  <maturity = "alpha">
    .... less developed part of model ....

Again, I'm no authority and I don't even know if this second thing
makes sense in this context.


Boris Koenig wrote:
Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
whereas "level" can be anything between

    "pre-alpha","alpha","pre-beta","beta" and "done"

Of course running something like

    fgfs --min-maturity=alpha --show-aircraft

should not return any aircraft right now, as none of the
current aircraft definition files in your base-package is using the


tag - but you can easily give it a try by adding something like


to abitrary aircraft ($FG_ROOT/data/Aircraft/.../*-set.xml) files.

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