On Saturday 23 October 2004 21:14, Vivian Meazza wrote:
> I've finally found time to revisit this problem.
> The FGFS is working fine with updates up to 15th Oct. Paths, etc. are good.
> I've updated and recompiled Simgear and Flightgear. Nothing else has been
> changed. Should work, right?
> Wrong: I get the following errors using the default aircraft:
> Object PanelInstruments not found
> Object ControlsGroup not found

I also get these now and then.

> No instrumentation model specified for this model!
> I also get this:
> General Initialization
> ======= ==============
> FG_ROOT = "/FlightGear-cvs/data"
> Which is correct.
> The menu bar has also disappeared, so it would seem likely that the correct
> path is not being found.
> However, it was before I updated. Checking, I find that "/sim/systems/path"
> contains 'Aircraft/Generic/generic-systems.xml' (unspecified). Correct, but
> should this be a string type?

You could try to explicitly specify it as a string type:
<path type="string">Aircraft/Generic/generic-systems.xml</path>
in preferences.xml.

Are you absolutely 100% sure that 
'/Flightgear-cvs/data/Aircraft/Generic/generic-systems.xml' exists?

> A quick cout check in systems_mgr.cxx shows that path_n = 0, so there's the
> problem. Possibly a problem in simgear/misc/sg_path.hxx? Unlikely, that
> hasn't been changed in months.

The autopilot uses the exact same coding technique (that's where I copied and 
pasted from). And the autopilot does not explicitly set the type to string, 
so I have little hopes for my tip :-(

> So, it's not a "duh" yet :-). Any advice on what to check next? Can any
> other Cygwin user confirm my findings, or tell me what they have done
> differently?

You could try to insert a cout in xmlauto.cxx, in the init method of 
FGXMLAutopilot, at least to confirm that path_n != 0 there.

Maybe '/sim/systems/path' does not exist in the property tree when instr_mgr 
is trying to read it. You could try to set this property in the command line, 
I forget how to, but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Try to step through the code with a debugger. IIRC 'insight' should be 
available on Cygwin.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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