David Culp wrote:
Look at the T-38 or OV-10, which have a radar instrument that can appear in two different states. In one state it is "minimized" and looks like a button, and in the other state it is "maximized".

You could use the same XML code to make an instrument appear "unzoomed" or "zoomed".

Thanks David, I was hoping to find something like that - my next question would be whether I can parameterize the process of changing the dimensions of an abitrary instrument/panel by using a corresponding Nasal function - so that I don't need to manually implement the resizing functionality, but could rather simply provide a nasal function with the property path to the instrument that is supposed to be (temporarily) resized.

The function itself wouldn't be the problem, rather I wonder whether
each instrument's properties (dimensions, position etc.) are also
made available globally within the property tree so that I could
theoretically  modify them using something like:


So that I would ultimately only need to put this into a
wrapper function that I can then call using the action

Also, is it (currently) possible to deal with "mouseover"-events
using the XML files ?

------- Boris

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