On Tuesday 26 October 2004 09:23, Boris Koenig wrote:
> Hi !
> I was going to give implementing a simple transponder-like
> instrument a go, as there doesn't seem to be one yet (?)
> While I browsed through the Aircrafts folder in order to look
> into the file format I wondered whether it's also possible to
> specify an enlargement/zoom transformation upon mouse events.
> Particularly, I wanted to optionally make certain instruments
> zoom when I either move the mouse over a specific region or
> upon clicking on a hotspot region.
> Simply because it's partially kind of hard to really READ the
> instruments/panel - that way I might not have such a bad time
> when trying to actually "hit" a hotspot ;-)
> So, being able to optionally make instruments or panels "zoom
> in" would also increase the potential  instrument density for
> the whole panel, while everything  would still be comfortable
> to use ...
> If there is a way to zoom in  on a certain event I'd like to
> get some pointers or even examples :-)
> Another question is whether it's currently possible to make
> FlightGear change its default cursor whenever the cursor
> passes over a particular hotspot region, so that it is more
> obvious that there IS indeed a functionality connected  to a
> certain hotspot - I found it quite hard to tell where exactly
> it is that I need to click in order to make something happen
> ...
> -------
> Boris

Are you thinking of 2d or 3d instruments?

I've thought about looking into pop-up dialogues for 2d 
instruments and animating 3d instruments into a more readable 
position but both of these would require triggering events.

If it were possible to change the mouse cursor as it passed over 
a hot-spot it could also trigger the pop-ups or animations.

Haven't actually tried anything yet, of course...


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