Curtis Olson wrote:

John Wojnaroski stopped by and it was good to finally meet him. I went out to his place today in LA to see the 747 sim he is building in his living room.


Another thing that a *lot* of people asked about was glass cockpits. John W. has done some really good work on this front for his 747 project, but it is kind of isolated and specific to his system. So this is another area where there is a lot of interest, but FG is a bit weak.

Not to be defensive, but Curt and I discussed this briefly. High end aircraft, like the 747, have countless subsystems that are type specific and it's really hard to build something this complex with the "one-size-fits-all" approach and hope that things like XML and Nasal can handle any and all configs. Secondly, it will require more than one machine for a decent system; there is just soo much you can stuff into a five pound bag. FG used as a sim engine has no peers, but there are limits....

BTW, it's not the living room, ;-) I was going to use one of the guest bedrooms, but the icy stare that suggestion received quickly squelched that plan and I meekly settled for a corner in the upstairs loft over the garage. The up side is it has enough room and size to put in a reasonable projection system.

And it was a pleasure to meet and chat with the "father of FG". Curt and the folks at ATC have a very nice product for pilots interested in training and maintaining proficiency on instruments.

John W.

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