> > Is anyone using CVS FlightGear and Linux having this problem
> > also? Thought I'd check before I go over the config file for the fiftieth
> > time looking for an error.
> Are you using the generic config or a custom made? If you are using a
> custom config, you must remember to override the generic one by including
> it in your aircraft *-set.xml file. like this:
> <sim>
>  ...
>  <systems>
>   <path>path/to/your/file</path>
>  </systems>
>  ...
> <sim>

The submodel system has been moved away from the Systems code.  It's now an 
independent subsystem of FG.

I think the spitfire submodels are working because I get a crash due to a 
crease token, which implies the smoke submodel is being created.

I'm getting an error that would indicate the config file is either not being 
found or cannot be parsed:

Unable to read submodels file:

David Culp

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