David Culp wrote:

... snip ...
> The submodel system has been moved away from the Systems code.  It's now
> an
> independent subsystem of FG.
> I think the spitfire submodels are working because I get a crash due to a
> crease token, which implies the smoke submodel is being created.
> I'm getting an error that would indicate the config file is either not
> being
> found or cannot be parsed:
> Unable to read submodels file:
> /home/dave/FlightGear/data/Aircraft/FW190/submodels.xml

If the Spitfire works (ish ... how about upgrading to a version that accepts
the crease token?) it looks as if the problem might be in the
/FW190/submodels.xml file

Try replacing it with one known to be good (Hunter or Spitfire).

Both those are in the Aircraft/.../Models directory.

If that doesn't work, send the files to me and I'll give them a try on my

BTW, how do I resurrect the USS Saratoga? Mathias and I are beginning work
on arrester wires.



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