Curtis Olson wrote:

Dale E. Edmons wrote:

Yes, I'm trying to use Terragear to bring some life back into an old SPX-200 system.
(ie flat runways) Other than polygon count this is the biggest problem I have. Oh, well.

You should be able to hack terragear to limit the max runway grade to 0% and/or limit the overall elevation change allowed to 0 meters.

I should have said, "I'm using TerraGear Scenery." I've actually hacked FlightGear Scenery Designer to do most of the work (with lots of help from Fred). The runways are a mixed blessing. In the future we may be required to match the actual slope of runways so I'm leaving this alone until the last minute when I can display scenes on the simulator (right now only the modeling station will display my autogenerated models).

Thanks for the info though, as this may be something that I may be forced to do. (I'm just starting to look into the TerraGear code to see if I can generate whole chunks at a time. I haven't figured out a good way to adapt the offset UTM conversion I do to convert to flat map type xy coordinates like I do under FGSD.)



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