Melchior FRANZ wrote:

* Vivian Meazza -- Wednesday 27 October 2004 15:31:

BTW, how do I resurrect the USS Saratoga? Mathias and I are beginning work
on arrester wires.

FWIW: we could have better than the Saratoga. We've got permission to redistribute the cvn-68(?; Truman?) with fgfs under GPL conditions. It's just that nobody got around to re-texture it. (The textures are all available, but their coordinates were lost during export. Maybe someone is even able to export again from an *.fsc file *with* texture coords.) (28kB)

ARGH! It never fails. When I'm traveling, things get interesting. I just got back from
NAS Whidbey where I was working on the Automated Carrier Landing System (ACLS)
for an EA-6B simulator we're delivering. This topic is near and dear to my heart. I guess
I'll have to go back and read this thread to catch up on what's going on...

BTW, the above picture is of the Truman (CVN-75). CVN-68 is the Nimitz. I'd be
delighted to try to reexport the .fsc files if I knew where to get them. Where can I
find them?


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