Some notes on making an AI carrier.

First, I think it would be best to derive a new AICarrier class from AIShip, 
since I expect the carrier to get pretty hairy.

The current AI objects are not solid, so landing on the carrier is impossible 
until we solidify the deck.  One way to do this will be to define the deck(s) 
as a set of rectangles; I think two should do it, but maybe more.  When the 
user aircraft gets close to the deck (using radar range and altitude) the 
AICarrier will start checking to see if the aircraft is within the area 
bounded by any of the rectangles.  If so the current elevation will be 
overridden with a call to globals->get_scenery()->set_cur_elev(deck_height).  
I haven't done this yet, but I think it would be better than trying to 
manipulate the hit list.

The FDM will have to be changed to allow the aircraft to sit on a deck without 
the deck sailing away from under it.  The difference between the aircraft's 
and carrier's velocity vectors will be applied to the ground reactions to 
accelerate the aircraft.

That's the first two steps anyway, AFAICT.

David Culp

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