Hi all,

RE: FG MAC OS 10.3 binary

Can anyone help with such a beast? Have tried the 0.9.3 (from
Wally's World) and 0.9.4 binary (FlightGear-0.9.4.tgz)  with
the current 0.9.6 scenery base, thank you for these, but no
go ... even when the 'version' file is altered to match!

Says missing Navaids/default.nav, (and thus also .nav.gz)
for a start ... It seems there is a default.<something>
in several folders, but the data/Navaids folder of 0.9.6 contains
awy.dat.gz, fix.dat.gz and nav.dat.gz, among other things ...

(a) can anyone make a recent MAC OS (10.3 bash) binary available? or
(b) is there an archive where the old scenery base 0.9.3 or
4 is/are available for download?

It is not an option to compile my own from source, at this
stage ;-((

Naturally prefer (a) ;-))


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