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Curt, that is one of the things that bugged me a bit.
I had a quick look at the the VMAP0 data that is on the TerraGear website and it seems pretty limited when it comes to land cover types.

It is somewhat limited and low res ...

Do you only use VMAP0 data when generating scenery or do you use land cover/use data from other sources too?
Having a list of land types to develop textures against would help a lot.

Right now we are only using vmap0. If you are aware of additional sources or better sources (especially if they have worldwide coverage) then please let me know. Given my time constraints, I can't say I'll immediately jump on every tip, but land cover is one area where our data is somewhat lacking (and very dated.)

Also I noticed that the textures in FlightGear seem to be pretty dark.
Is there a design reason for this that I need to take into account?

Be careful, everyone has slightly different monitor gamma ... these can shade everything lighter or darker, sometimes significantly ... there isn't an easy answer to this since we have no control over the user's gamma settings or naturual monitor gamma. And adjusting for this at the application level is generally a *very* bad thing to do.

P.S. Getting textures to not repeat is hard work and unfortunately I have to remove any distinguishing features like houses or isolated roads which is a pity.

Life is full of trade offs. :-) Someone from the MSFS dev team posted a paper on tips and hints for making textures tile while reducing visible repeating artifacts ... I have no idea what the link is, but it might be worth a glance if you can dig it up.



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