Curtis L. Olson writes:
> Paul Surgeon wrote:
> >Curt, that is one of the things that bugged me a bit.
> >I had a quick look at the the VMAP0 data that is on the TerraGear website and 
> >it seems pretty limited when it comes to land cover types.
> >  
> >
> It is somewhat limited and low res ...
> >Do you only use VMAP0 data when generating scenery or do you use land 
> >cover/use data from other sources too?
> >Having a list of land types to develop textures against would help a lot.
> >  
> >
> Right now we are only using vmap0.  If you are aware of additional 
> sources or better sources (especially if they have worldwide coverage) 
> then please let me know.  Given my time constraints, I can't say I'll 
> immediately jump on every tip, but land cover is one area where our data 
> is somewhat lacking (and very dated.)

I can't think of a better vextor global data < except for vmap1 >

For the US their is much better data from the USGS
for example

This service has come on line since we designed the
Scenery Generation tools


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