Paul Surgeon wrote:
I noticed on my system and someone else's that when running autogen on SimGear or FlightGear one get's lots of automake warnings like this :
acinclude.m4:28: warning: underquoted definition of wi_EXTRA_LDIR

It does it with automake 1.8.3 and 1.9
It looks harmless to me but should we worry about it?

it's not a FG-related problem, more about the (recent) autotools package becoming stricter with its macros, that's why NEW versions complain about macros definitions that don't fullfil the latest requirements - this behaviour was already brought up a couple of times here - and on the user list:

(You can find more ...)

Additionally, you can find more information by googling for "underquoted definition" - you'll see that it is not really a problem right now.

---------- Boris

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