Martin Spott wrote:

> Now, here comes the next feature request ....  I have a tiny image
> which represents my favourite airport. I can make JPEG out of it and
> load it into TaxiDraw. I even can see it in TaxiDraw - but I don't have
> any clue about the scale of this image.
> To calibrate this image I'd love to see a function in TaxiDraw that
> allows me not to calibrate using a single point but two points instead.
> I'd like to take the two endpoints of an already 'existing' runway
> (constructed from different sources) and have TaxiDraw rotate and scale
> the image to make it congruent with my runway. This would be extremely
> helpful.

As I already managed to work around this issue (using a simple ruler) I
thought I'd place a different feature request instead  :-)
I am 'doing' an old NATO airbase which has three hangar locations with
oval taxiways around (a very common layout). I create these ovals from
straigt taxiways and a circle cut in half. Such a half circle is made
from lots of small taxiway sections. Now I'd need six of these half
circles and each of them has a different orientation. It is easy to
group these small sections but there is no function to enter a rotation
angle in order to transform the whole group around its center - like it
is present for a single taxiway.

Would be nice, if feasible,
 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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