On 11/1/04 at 6:45 PM Martin Spott wrote:

>O.k., I moved my airport over to X-Plane format. For this purpose I
>modified the current but inaccurate definition in my copy of Robin's
>recent data set to the following:
>10  49.022223  5.888922 05x  48.35   7858    60.0553  902.0902  148 111111
>01 0 2 0.25 1
>Now i start TaxiDraw, load this as a 'new' airport and save it into a
>project file. The runway definition now looks like this:
>10  49.022223  005.888922 05x  48.35   7858   60.0553  902.0901  148
>111111 01 0 2 0.25 1
>                                                             ^^^
>TaxiDraw always shortens the blast strip by one foot. This is not
>really harmful but a bit irritating ....

Urgh - thanks for catching that - I consider any case where TaxiDraw
corrupts data to be extremely harmfull, even if it is only one foot.  I've
got a pretty good idea where this is happening.  The trouble with these
float->int rounding bugs is that they seem to be OS or compiler specific,
so I can't always reproduce them.  I'll send you a patch to test when I've
got a fix if that's OK.

Cheers - Dave

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