David Culp wrote:
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If I change the time-of-day to something darker the panel code darkens and redens everything, which ruins the effect.
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That's exactly something I have also observed, in particular with
self-illuminating instruments - something like a basic LCD or TFT
shouldn't be subject to general panel darkening, as it has its own
illuminiation - I looked into David's (Megginson) sources and it seems
one would either need to define areas on the panel/screen that aren't
darkened, or -preferably- (in my opinion) provide an additional
parameter to layers that are not subject to panel-darkening.

And for your St. Elmo's Fire it would probably be benefitting if you
could add some diffuse effects, too - I think that's beyond the
capablities of the current XML-instrument code !?

My questions are:

Can the instrument darkening/redening be turned off per-instrument?

currently not - I'm afraid, at least that's the conclusion that I came up with ...

Should we have a seperate screen-drawing subsystem that draws "windscreen effects", like St. Elmo's Fire, rain, snow, glare?

I like the idea


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