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Subject: [Flightgear-devel] Multiheaded video cards?

> I periodically get asked about multiheaded video cards for FlightGear.
> My standard answer is that I don't know for sure, but I suspect they
> wouldn't work well for FlightGear.  However, the questions keep coming
> and I feel like I'm not able to give a really good answer.
> So can anyone help me out?  For instance, has anyone tried one of these
> sorts of cards?
>     http://www.matrox.com/mga/products/parhelia/series.cfm
> What kind of opengl support is available under linux?

The displays on the 747 sim use GeForce 5200 multiheaded displays. Nvidia
provides an XF86Config file that is just about "plug and play" for driving
two monitors. As near as I can tell the opengl support is just fine, define
the screen size to your taste (like 2048 x 768) and the hardware does the
rest. For my displays that works great for positioning the PFD/ND/EICAS/ etc
onto the flightdeck.
> Has anyone played around with any of these options who can report
> success or failure or something in between?  What kind of performance
> are you getting?
A while back I set up FlightGear on two machines where the master ran one
copy of fgfs and used the network stuff to send data to the second machine
with two distinct socket address that connected to the two slaved versions
of fgfs with the view for the left monitor offset 55 degrees lect and the
right monitor view offset to the right. I did not do any exhaustive testing
or frame rate analysis based on what was being depicted.
As I recall it was a bare KSFO field with most of the options like random
objects, clouds, etc turned off. Can't remember the fps on the main but the
two slaves fgfs's (running on a P4, 2.8Ghz, 512M memory) clocked around

And did not spend any time trying to analyze the geometry or rendering math
to determine any distortions if you tried to stretch a 55 degree FOV over
two monitors or the increased distortion away from the center if you changed
the value to 110 degrees

John W.

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