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> I'll check my algebra again,

Checked; I can't find a mistake.  As a third check, I ran it through
Maple and got the same result.  It appears to have the correct
limiting behavior for both pitch --> 0 and roll --> 0 independently.
And the problem seems straightforward to me.  The compass needle
is constrained to move on the horizontal plane in the aircraft's
reference frame; the question is simply what's the (perpendicular)
projection of the magnetic field vector onto that plane, and what
direction does that point?  You can move the plane by from
level flight towards the north pole by yaw, then pitch, then roll;
or you can do the opposite transformations on the magnetic field
vector itself (same order, but opposite value of angles), and
get the same relative orientation of the field vector to the

So I think this is analytically correct.  What's the weird behavior?
For what part of parameter space?


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