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> Chris Metzler wrote:
>> What I can tell you, though, is that DRI and OpenGL support for Matrox
>> cards under Linux sucks rocks.  First of all, Matrox' drivers are open,
>> and their proprietary HAL module doesn't really buy you anything, so
> No real arguments here, but there is useable code for the card in the 
> native X11.

Sure; it's just broken.  The DRI project people agree that it's broken;
they just don't have anybody that can fix it right now (or, rather,
didn't as of late summer.  things may have changed).

>>for just a taste.  There's a lot more there too.  Personally, I had
>>constant hard lockups requiring a full system reset, with lots of
>>DMA idle timeout messages to my X log, whenever I tried flightgear
>>for very long with the Matrox card.  From other messages in the Matrox
> Sounds like the ASUS (junk!)  motherboard I had.  My 1GHz athalon on its
> board sits collecting dust (it doesn't even do that very well).  The 
> G450 I have is very
> robust as is the code.  I run Debian Linux without a single lockup in 
> over a year now.

Hmmm, well, yes, this is with an Athlon (XP 2000+) on an Asus a7v333.
However, the exact problem I encountered with the Matrox drivers has
been reported by several other people on e.g. the X.org and DRI project
bugzillas, and they weren't running Asus motherboards.  And when I
dumped the G550 for a GF4 Ti4600, I never had another problem.

I would only get the DMA idle timeout lockups on very intensive OpenGL
stuff.  fgfs would routinely do it, tuxracer would rarely do it, glxgears
would never ever do it.  If there were support for the Matrox X11 drivers,
I would have been happy to patch the drivers with diagnostics and fail
some more and collect info.  But since they're not supported by either
Matrox or the X/DRI folks, I just couldn't rationalize sticking with it.


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