I'm pretty happy with the magnetic compass now.  I won't claim that
it's a perfect simulation, but it's close enough for practice, and
should be especially fun (??) for IFR students practicing
partial-panel work.  I was sorry to throw out Alex's much more elegant
code for my crude hacks.  Thanks to everyone who helped, especially
with the trig problems.

I'd be very grateful if everyone could check out the latest code from
CVS and try out the magnetic compass with different aircraft.  The
effects will be most noticeable at higher latitudes, especially in
North America.  Now, if you enjoy that, try FlightGear with
--failure=vacuum (which will disable the gyro compass in the 172 or
Warrior) and try navigating using only the magnetic compass (hint:
timed turns are your friend).

All the best,



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