Alex Romosan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> "Horst J. Wobig" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Alex Romosan wrote:
>>>works fine on a radeon mobility 9000 m9 with the open source drivers
>>>(this is a thinkpad t40).
>> Thanks. Have you tried with "#define NO_VBOS"? What is the difference
>> in framerate?
> nevermind. turns out ARB_vertex_buffer_object is not supported by my
> current configuration. i am trying to figure out why (looking at the
> code, the r200 driver defines it, but glxinfo doesn't show it). sorry
> for the noise.

managed to get direct rendering working again (so
ARB_vertex_buffer_object is defined). running lesson45 i get 80-100
fps with VBOS enabled. when i disable VBOS i get the same result, so
it looks like, at least for this card, there is no performance gain
when using VBOS.


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