Thanks, that makes a lot more sense to me now.
I'll see what I can glean from the PPE code.

On Thursday, 4 November 2004 23:06, Norman Vine wrote:
> RE: [Flightgear-devel] Screen to cartesian co-ords?
> If you have enabled DepthBuffer operations in OpenGL
> the rasterizing process keeps track of the depth
> of each pixel in the ZBuffer.
> Note this won't work to well with wireframe and that
> Z component is the distance from the eyepoint
> =====
> For an example that does this using SSG
> PPE keeps track of the position for a 3d Cursor
> $PPE_SRC / src / viewer / ppeViewerDraw.cxx /
> Note I am quite swamped with work and won't have
> to explain the PPE code but you have the source :-)
> Norman

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