I see that the setting of the serviceable property has been removed:

*** 77,82 ****
          fgGetNode("/accelerations/pilot/z-accel-fps_sec", true);
      _out_node = node->getChild("indicated-heading-deg", 0, true);
-     _serviceable_node->setBoolValue(true);

My motivation for setting the serviceable property to true in the source code 
was that now that the instruments are configureable they can have an 
arbitrary name in the property tree. The compass could for example be 
named /Instrumentation/magnetic-heading-indicator-thingy. As I understood it 
the serviceable property used to (actually still does) be set to true in  
preferences.xml, where it is set for all instrumentation.

So setting it to true in preferences is would not be a good solution when (not 
if) aircraft designers decide to change the name of the instrumentation, 
remove instrumentation that are not applicable to that aircraft, and add more 
instrumentation for for example redundancy.

I also thought it made sense for the instrumentation to be initially 

I say we remove the setting of the serviceable property from preferences.xml 
instead of removing it from the source code. This also applies to systems.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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