> For example, do we properly model the impact on night vision
> from hypoxia?
 ... and MUCH more

This is kinda related to my earlier note about modeling St. Elmo's Fire.  
There are two kinds of visual effect that would be nice to have in FG that 
don't currently exist.  One kind is visual effects that appear on the 
windscreen.  With a 2D cockpit this would be a layer of display that goes 
between the "world" and the "panel".  It would model rain, snow, St. Elmo's 
fire, maybe.

The other kind of visual effect is that which is placed at the pilot's eye.  
This would include g-effects and glare.  In a 2D cockpit this effect would be 
the last one drawn, or highest in the z-order.

3D cockpits would be different.  The windscreen layer would be a texture 
applied to the windscreen (?), however the eye layer would be drawn the same.

As for the HUD, it would have to be drawn after the windscreen effects, but 
before the eye effects.

David Culp

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