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Fred wrote:

Lighting is important. How can one use FG for night
training at the moment if you can't see the ground
properly? Why even bother with runway and taxiway
lights then?
I would love to see decent lighting added.

There isn't much we (as modellers) can do about this. =(

If modelers don't put emissive colors on their 3D instruments, or where
they want to have light, lighting is not going to happend, and plane
interiors will desperately stay dark at night. What they can't do is to
have real emissive casting light and shadows on thing, but at least they
can try to fake it.

Emissive colours on textures? I don't know how to do that. But I was
thinking of semi-transparent faces with an emissive color behind. When I
finish with carriers/arrester wires I'll see how realistic that might be.
There would be a vertex bill, of course.

Textures are modulate with the material property of the objects. How do you think light on bridges and towers are made ?
No need of transparency anyway.


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