Hmm, I don't think that will do. White numerals by day, illuminated by red
at night, and black faces. I was thinking of making the white figures
semi-transparent with a selectable white (non-emissive) /red (emissive)
background. Unless you would care to do a demonstration of another method...

If your texture is semi transparent, your object will be transparent. Do you mean you would put another one behind ?
If your material color is pure emissive white ( 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 ) modulated with your texture, then black area would stay black while red areas would become emissive red, just because 1 x c = c ( I mean modulation is a multiplication, so modulating with with is multiplying with one ).
If your texture is back and white, modulate with diffuse white for day and emissive red at night, but still, no transparency required. You would only modulate the alpha channel and have your dial transparent.


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